Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction.

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be developed to cover all aspects of the management and operation of the Incubator Kitchens project at Killnagleary, Carrigaline. This SOP will be drafted and amended as appropriate by the Management Company and approved by Cork Co Council. The SOP will be available on line for viewing by prospective Food Business Operators (FBOs) and must be read and agreed upon, before booking can be finalised.

2. Registration:

  • Any Food Business Operators (FBO) who wishes to hire one or both kitchens must be registered with the relevant regulatory authority-HSE, Local Authority, SFPA or the DAFM. Registration number will be required as part of the booking process.
  • The FBO must complete a registration form together with a deposit payment before access to the booking system is allowed.
  • The deposit of €250 will be retained for a period of 6 months by the Management Company and will be returned once notice of termination is received.

3. Booking Process

  • Time slots may be booked through the website with each day being divided into four (4) x six (6) hour periods. Once the FBO has selected a time slot/s, the required corresponding payment is made on line and access to the facility is permitted.
  • Arrangements will then be made for the FBO to collect a key fob from the Management Company along with the appropriate access code. Should the fob be mislaid or not returned to the management company a replacement charge of €50 will be levied against the FBO concerned or deducted from the deposit.
  • The FBO will be fully responsible for the facility during the designated period.  

4. Training

  • First time users will be given full induction training on the kitchen use and equipment. No FBO will be allowed use the kitchens until this training has been completed.
  • Synopsized operating instructions for all pieces of equipment will be available in each kitchen and FBOs will be required to adhere strictly to these instructions.
  • As part of induction training FBOs will be introduced to the equipment available and their safe operation.

5. Food Safety and Hygiene.

  • The FBO will be totally responsible for Kitchen hygiene and cleaning.
  • The kitchen and its equipment will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the letting period, within the six hours allotted. The Facilities Manager will introduce each new client to the kitchen equipment and how it must be maintained and cleaned.
  • The Kitchen will be checked regularly for cleanliness by the Facilities manager. Upon entering and leaving the premises, the FBO must ensure that the equipment and the kitchen as a whole has been cleaned effectively and is safe to use. Any deviations from the required standard of cleanliness should be reported to the Facilities Manager as per the reporting procedure below.
  • The FBO must maintain the necessary documents and records based on the principles of HACCP for inspection by the regulatory authority. The workflow of the kitchen has been designed in such a way as to enable you to effectively and safely produce your foods without fear of cross-contamination once the workflow has be adhered too. It is the responsibility of the FBO to maintain the highest levels of Food Safety and Hygiene to ensure their output is safe to consume by the general public.
  • Should an FBO be inspected/audited by a representative of a Regulatory Authority it is a condition of their agreement that they advise the Facilities Manager of this visit and forward a copy of the subsequent report to the Management Company.

6. Cleaning Procedures.

  • The cleanliness of the kitchens is paramount to the effective running of this establishment. The management company will arrange for periodical deep cleaning depending on the level of usage and the specific needs of individual equipment.
  • Should an FBO discover, on arrival at the facility, that a kitchen is not at the required standard of cleanliness they must report any such issues before they start their shift to the Management Company. See reporting procedure below.
  • A cabinet containing cleaning equipment, such as mop and brushes, will be provided by the management company. The FBO will supply their own suitable food safe chemicals with SDS information.

7. Waste Management.

  • Cork Incubator Kitchens does not provide waste facilities. It will be the responsibility of each FBO to remove waste off site.
  • The FBO must ensure that they have the appropriate containers in their possession to remove their waste once they have completed their allocated shift.

8. Health & Safety

  • A Health and Safety Statement (specific to the Incubator Kitchens) has been developed by the Management Company, a copy of which will be available to each FBO on site.
  • This Statement accounts for all the potential hazards and risks that any tenants may be exposed to during the course of their duties at the Cork Incubator Kitchens. It also outlines the responsibilities of FBOs in ensuring that all comply with safe practices to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.
  • As part of their Induction training each FBO will be briefed on the Health and Safety statement and made aware of their responsibilities with regard to risk reduction.
  • First Aid Kits will be located in each Kitchen. A list of emergency contact numbers will also be prominently displayed.
  • Fire evacuation procedures will be explained at the Induction Training session.
  • Upon Registration each FBO is required to have an up to date Safety Statement.
  • If the FBO is working alone, a risk assessment on lone working must be completed.
  • Each FBO should have completed manual handling training and fire safety/use of fire extinguishers training.
  • Any Accidents / incidents must be recorded on the accident report file and brought to the attention of the Facilities Manager as soon as possible

9. Insurance issues

Each FBO will be required to indemnify the Council and the facilities management for any losses and/or claims incurred by them while using the facilities at CIK ie losses/claims that may arise in the event of power failure, mechanical breakdown or any other unforeseen event.

Indemnification is required, for clarification please contact your insurance provider to ensure this is part of your policy.

Each FBO must have insurance cover in respect of Public/Products liability (€6.5m) and Employers Liability (€13m) in place and also that a Specific Indemnity is provided in respect of The FS Company and CIK/CCC. A detail of insurance is required upon registration.

10. Security issues

  • The building is secured, alarmed and has CCTV monitoring in both kitchens.
  • Each FBO will be given a unique code when being issued with the fob and will be required to activate the alarm on completion of rental period.
  • If the building is not alarmed on departure, a report will be issued remotely to the Management Company and the “call out” charge will be deducted from the deposit. This procedure is put in place for the safety of the FBO and the integrity of the facility.
  • Both the security and fire alarm systems will be inspected and maintained regularly.

11. Storage facilities.

  • Locked cages are available to hire for storage of dry goods and small kitchen appliances for repeat kitchen users.
  • It is the responsibility of the FBO to ensure that goods and personal equipment are stored correctly and securely. The Management Company will not be liable for any loss or damage of equipment or goods in this facility.
  • A weekly rental fee of €10 per week will be charged for each storage cage

12. Payment Procedures

All payments including Deposits will be paid on line into a designated account managed by Cork County Council.

13. Reporting Procedure

  • Facilities Manager Jonaah Gordon-Boyd will be the first point of contact for FBOs.
  • In the event of an emergency the FBO will make direct contact with the relevant authority, contact details for whom will be prominently displayed in each kitchen.
  • In the case of equipment breakdown the FBO will contact the designated Service Engineer, contact details for whom are also available on site.
  • In the event of the requirement arising to report any issues relating to the general operation of the facility FBOs are encouraged to e mail the Facilities Manager or contact him on the mobile number provided.

14. Kitchen Equipment

Types of Equipment: Combico

Bakery Kitchen:

  • 20 litre table top mixer
  • 40 litre floor mixer
  • 3 tier deck oven with additional proving oven
  • 80 litre Bratt pan.
  • Double door fridge
  • Dish washer

Catering Kitchen:

  • Combi Oven
  • 80 litre Bratt pan
  • 6 ring Gas hob (with oven below)
  • 4 ring Gas hob (with oven below)
  • Blast Chiller
  • Double door fridge
  • Dish washer

Storage space is available in both units.

Also on site is double door style refrigeration, stick blenders, fogging machine and dish washing machine areas. There are no utensils, oven trays, stainless steel bowls and containers available on site. It is up to the FBO to bring any extra equipment he/she needs to produce their products. It is also the responsibility of the FBO to provide appropriate transport materials and vehicles from the Incubator Kitchens once their session is complete. The Management Company will not take responsibility for transport of any food stuffs arriving or leaving the facility.

15. Checklist for Food Business Operators using the Incubator Kitchens.

  • Protective clothing & headgear (PPE).
  • Food Grade Thermometer & anti bacterial wipes.
  • Refuse bags (you are responsible for your own waste!)
  • Suitable chopping boards.
  • All utensils ( knives, ladles, paddles, spoons etc)
  • Prep containers( e.g. stainless steel bowls etc)
  • Cooking vessels (Pots/pans and oven trays)
  • Cleaning cloths, degreaser-detergent & anti bacterial spray for counter.
  • Tea towels/clothes, oven mitts/silicone oven mitts.
  • Storage containers for finished product.
  • Suitable transport for food and waste.
  • Covers to protect food from contamination.
  • Pallets for keeping food off the ground, if required.
  • HACCP recording sheets; temperature records, batch and cleaning records.
  • Tea and coffee are not provided-so please bring your beverage/snack.