The Kitchens are available for hourly rental

  • Production and R&D: €15
    Demonstration and Training €20
  • Weekly Storage: €15
    Hourly Consultation Fee: €30
Interested in signing up?

How it works: 

Step 1

Register on the website. You will need to confirm that you have completed a certified food safety course.

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Step 2
Pay Deposit

Once you have registered on the website & confirmed your email address you can then login and buy your deposit.

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Step 3
Training & Access

When you have paid your deposit we will be in touch to give you a brief training session on the kitchen and to give your security access.

Step 4
Book & Cook

When you have completed your training you can then login and book time slots in each of the kitchens.

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The Kitchens

About The Kitchens: 

Bakery Kitchen

The Bakery Kitchen is ideal for people looking to bake large batches of goods.

€15 / Hour
See Kitchen
The Catering Kitchen

The Catering Kitchen is ideal for preparation of meats and/or fish based products.

€15 /Hour
See Kitchen

*Storage space is available in both units.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Responsible for Cleaning the Kitchens?
What Storage is available?